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with accommodation

FULL TIME NANNY Germany - Bavaria - Munich

Flexible, trustworthy Nanny british or irish or australian or u.s nationality (!) - native speaker englisch - in full-time / 40 hours/week - to a little village close to Bad Tölz (ca. 50 km south of Munich) effective 07.January 2011 wanted.

( A separate flat can be made available )

Please ask for further details in our agency A.O.G.®

• Frau Hartwig 089. or

• Frau Schichl


Hauspersonal Deutschland

• Zentrale München 089. 29. 99. 0 - 0

For your formal application please contact:

• Herrn Behrens 0049(0)

• or Herrn Schichl

Applicants from Switzerland or Austria

can call the following service-hotlines to Munich:

Wien 0043.120.586.11

Zürich 0041.445.809.201

For the detailed job description please click on weitere Daten>>>

with accommodation
Chiffre-Number: Tölz-2011-1-eng

Responsibility assignment:

Flexible Nanny, able to work in a team
 100 %

Location and working hours:
  • 83646 - Bad Tölz - Bavaria
  • Accompaniment for traveling: shift duties with the other employees
  • full-time, variable working hours FULL TIME (40)
  • Working hours:

    Monday8 hours / day in turns
    Tuesday8 hours / day in turns
    Wednesday8 hours / day in turns
    Thursday8 hours / day in turns
    Friday8 hours / day in turns
  • sporadic 24-Hrs.-service desired: in turns with the other nannies
  • sporadc W/E service desired: in turns with the other nannies, approx. once per month
Date of joining
  • January 2011 or
    February 2011
  • permanent employment
Your professional and personal skills:
  • capacity for teamwork: Further employees are already working for the family.
  • driving licence class 3 and good driving experience
  • own car advantageous but no condition
  • graduation: secondary school leaving certificate,a good educational background is expected.
  • special training(s): Childrens nurse or Governess oder eine ungelernte Kraft mit besten Referenzen aus vergleichbaren Tätigkeiten
  • job experience in private household desired
  • foreign language(s):
    German advantageous but this is not a must.
  • mother tongue:
  • nationality:
    British or U.S.A. or Australia or New Zealand
  • your age should be between 25+- and 45+-
Children in household:
4 at age of to be learned from the agency
care of children: Through the new employee and the other nannies.

Pets in household:
Dogs and horses.

Your assignment in headwords:
  • care of family
    • education/field: Caring and understanding, but also consequent.
    • encouragement creative: Age apprpriate, to do handicrafts, painting, playing, everything the children like.
    • encouragement intellectual: reading out, to do handicrafts, age appropriate encouragement.
    • in agreement with parents: From time to time you agree upon possible problems with the parents and the other nannies.
    • help with homework: varying duty plan with the other nannies.
    • care at recreational activities:
    • cooking: Only heating up meals, preparing fruits / soft drinks for the children.
  • householding
    • care of children: To be discussed and arranged with the other nannies.
    • "Babysitting": To be discussed and arranged with the other personell.
    • organisation: Everything for the children and their entire day, as agreed upon with the other nannies.
  • Therefor we offer you a adequate salary as noncommittal guiding value of , depending on hours of work, age, work experience, references, qualification and operational readiness.
  • 40 hours per week
  • The salary is very good, you can ask the agency for further details. The salary will be discussed with you possible new employer.
Further a pleasing, straightforward, friendly environment in an absolute position of trust in a permanent employment is offered to you.

Your accommodation:

A separate appartment can be made available to you, it is located 2 km from your work area.
- move in is no condition.

The Family is looking for an employee who is looking for a long-term employment and who loves to work with children. You like to work in a team. You appreciate a good education and good manners, and a good and sportive appearance.

Mother tongue(s) of employer:
Nationality of employer:
Foreign language(s) of employer:

Please send your complete application documents including photo to our assigned agency:

Max-Planck-Straße 6/RGB
D-81675 Munich
Fon: 0049.89.299.900
Fon: 0049.89.981.059.00
Fax: 0049.89.981.059.01

Please don´t forget our interview for applicants and the contract with our agency !
(to download click at interview for applicants respectively contract with our agency)
A.O.G Frankfurt head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Hamburg head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Berlin head office
Fon: 0049.
A.O.G Düsseldorf head office
Fon: 0049.
eMail: cs@aog-online.de

Office hours:
Mon-Thu 10.00 - 16.00
Fri 10.00 - 13.00
Please ask for an appointment

Much more regional, national and international job offers are to be found at www.hauspersonalagentur.de, for modem users www.089299900.com

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